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Frequently Asked Questions


FAQs about Boost Technology & Fabrication services, products, and guidance when it comes to choosing what you need to achieve your goals in terms of finding the right setup for your vehicle.


NOTE: the following below is directed toward and GM-based vehicles such as Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, and Pontiac.



What brand vehicles do you work with?
Our shop specializes with General Motors' LS and LT V8 engines only! Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC, and Pontiac all have vehicles that features these two engines. We do not work with other brands such as Ford or Dodge, however we do fabrication work needed such as a cold air intake, intercooler piping, mounting brackets etc. Same goes for imports such as Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes etc.


What kind of welding services do you provide?
Vehicle related or not, we can repair cracked welds or provide strong, clean welds on any project. We provide TIG welding services on Stainless Steel or Aluminum materials.


How will you diagnose my vehicle?
We will assess the problem with our ASE-certified technicians and come up with a list of potential solutions before we confirm our suspicions of what is causing the problem. We will test for broken wires with a multimeter, swap coil packs if one is suspected to have failed, check fuel pressure, check engine codes, etc. This way, you're only buying the parts you need rather than replacing everything until the problem is fixed.


How do you repair wiring?
When it comes to wiring, we do not cut corners. Every wiring repair, extension, replacement gets soldered and insulated with proper, self-sealing heat shrink to ensure you won't have to worry about future failures due to heat cycles, or exposure to weather elements.


How do you guys rebuild engines?
When we receive a project for an engine rebuild, we tear down the motor to a short block (Crank, Rod, and Pistons remain in the block). Then, we send it off to American Engines for an in-depth analysis and inspection for any work necessary to refurbish the engine back to its factory condition. Every engine is a case-by-case scenario. Some may need new pistons, new crank, etc. The block is hot tanked, cylinder walls honed, and bearings are replaced. After, the heads are then worked on during this process. Receiving a valve job with new seals, springs, and retainers. The heads are also hot tanked and decked. If the customer wishes to change any internal components to support higher horsepower numbers, we relay the parts desired to our machinists!


How/What do you tune with?
As of now, we only tune with GMs stock computer utilizing the tuning software "HP Tuners". We will remove either the driver or passenger side oxygen sensor to utilize our oxygen sensor. Which will provide us with an in-depth analysis of how your engine is running. Supplying us with critical information such as your Air/Fuel ratio. Typically taking up around 2 hours to complete a street tune.


Do you offer dyno tunes?
Yes! Although we currently do not possess a dyno, we've been offered to use a dyno at a nearby location. Although, we still recommend a street tune, as the load of the vehicle going through actual driving scenarios proves a more accurate load reading on the vehicle. Providing better driveability.


Do you offer remote tunes?


Do you offer financing?
Yes we do! We are currently working with "Snap Finance" and "American First Finance" that both offer approvals up to $5,000 credit loan. Please contact us to apply!


Are there other services you offer?
We do offer smaller, routine based services such as basic suspension work, brake jobs, oil changes, and more.


How long will the service I require take?
Typically, the longest service we offer are between turbo kits (can vary) and engine/transmission rebuilds (4 - 6 weeks). Being a small business, we strive to shoot our deadline goals while also keeping quality work in mind. We're no NASCAR pit crew, but you're always welcome to check in or swing by our shop to get an update!


What does a catch can do?
A catch can typically is designed for high horsepower builds. They are designed to keep any blow-by (turbulent air from the combustion chamber slipping past the piston rings and into the crankcase) and airborne oil molecules to stay inside the engine while releasing crank pressure. When the engine is at high RPMs, oil is splashed, thrown, flung, and splattering everywhere inside the engine to keep all the moving parts lubricated. After a couple weeks of driving, the catch can will fill up with water, fuel and oil and must be drained accordingly. Essentially acting as a vent while keeping as much oil in the engine as possible.


My project needs work but it doesn't run, can you help?
Of course! With connects in the industry, we work with professional tow truck companies that utilizes a flatbed, and are very low-car/truck friendly to bring your project over! Rates can vary depending on traveling distance.


Will I be able to keep my A/C if I buy a turbo kit?
YES! HOWEVER, the turbo kits we offer are built for GM trucks ('99 and up). Both style turbo kits that we offer are A/C friendly. Minor modifications will be needed to keep A/C such as running custom lines to avoid fitment issues with the downpipe. If you have questions about wanting A/C in another vehicle or LS Swapped project, Contact us!


Do you do A/C work?
Unfortunately, no. However we can replace any A/C components such as the compressor, condenser, hoses, etc.


I'm out of state, can you ship a turbo kit?
Absolutely! We're equipped with a "mock-up truck" where we can fabricate a turbo kit to fit perfectly with your set up! Like NASA during an emergency, we will replicate what style water pump, intake manifold, and various other interchangeable parts to ensure your parts will fit perfectly. Our fabricator will then fab up a kit based on the customer's wishes (Forward facing header style or Log-style, bung locations, etc.) The kit will come complete with drain/feed lines, wastegates, blow-off valves, couplers, clamps, intercooler, and V-bands. Everything will be an easy install for you, or your local mechanic! 


 Do you work on other boost applications?
Of course! Although our work is typically based around turbocharger builds, we are experienced with centrifugal chargers (belt driven turbos) and superchargers (Screw/Roots Charger) as well. Depending on your project's direction, we will provide guidance as to what are pros and cons of each and every style of boosting your build!


Do you work on Nitrous applications?