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From basic oil changes to full custom turbo set-ups, Boost Technology & Fabrication offers a wide range of services for GM-based vehicles.

Routine Maintenance
A basic service of your vehicle will prevent your vehicle from any potential failure risks by getting an oil change, a look over at your intake filter, and inspection of the engine itself for any small/developing leaks. 

Electric Fan Conversion/Swap
On older model GM trucks (such as '99 to '06 models) still feature an old school clutch fan (found on the water pump) for its cooling system. Which takes away horsepower as well as fail to supply sufficient cooling when making modifications such as cam kits. We will source fans, relays, and wiring kits needed to perform the swap!

With our ASE-Certified technicians along with years of experience, we've built a team that put their minds together if you have trouble finding your extremely rare or hidden problem with your vehicle. No matter how big or small the issue can be, we WILL find the problem and offer quotes of what is needed to fix.

If you're aware of wire damage (i.e damaged/exposed wiring, cut harnesses, missing connectors) or in need of wiring work (such as an extension to reach the MAF Sensor). We can repair, replace, extend, re-route any wires needed. We also provide diagnostics for any faulty or broken wires!

TIG Fabrication
With the finest welds in H-town, we offer welding services for any project, regardless if it's vehicle related or not. We currently work with Stainless Steel and Aluminum materials using only TIG welding.

Engine Harness Clean-up
Overtime as your progress through your build, the OEM harness will slowly begin to stick out like a 671 Blower on a '69 Camaro, just not as pretty. This is more oriented toward cleaning up the engine bay by relooming the entire harness, tucking the wires out of sight, and removing unnecessary wires + sensors that are commonly removed for modifications. All while keeping that check engine light off! Check out our Instagram for examples!

DoD/AFM Removal
DoD(Displacement on Demand) or AFM (Active Fuel Management) is a factory issued feature that attempts to decrease fuel consumption and gain higher mileage range by disabling 4 cylinders in any '08+ GM Trucks during highway/long distant drives. The DoD/AFM Lifters that retain springs fail and causes the engine to start "tapping". Damaging the camshaft if the tapping isn't addressed ASAP. Due to the high failure rate of this system, we install traditional lifters and remove the DoD/AFM lifters entirely. Making your engine last twice as long. With a conservative tune, you may still retain most of your MPG.

Fuel Systems
We offer a variety of ways to send fuel to the engine in a clean, proper fashion. Whether it's a basic drop-in fuel pump or an external high pressure pump, fuel cell, and custom hoses routed. We can convert/prep your project with E85 in a safe/reliable manner to be worry free of any potential hiccups along with a fuel regulator should any heavy modifications be done.

Broken Exhaust Manifold/Header Bolt Removal
The rear bolts on headers of LS/LT are most commonly broken due to so many heat cycles. With little to no effort, these bolts are almost guaranteed to break even with the slightest effort. We offer a service to extract these bolts without needing to tap/thread it. Getting these broken bolts out and replaced will contribute to fixing exhaust leaks.

Street Tune

To make the most out of your performance parts from a basic cold-air intake to an all-out twin turbo set up, we offer in-house tuning to ensure your vehicle is pushed to the limits and ready for more. Tuning your engine provides a more responsive feel and even makes your gas mileage more efficient! Making the most out of your performance parts in a more realistic scenario.

Engine/Transmission Rebuilds
If you notice decrease in horsepower, strange ticking noises, or something just not right mechanically with your vehicle, it may be time to rebuild your engine. Rebuilding your engine/transmission will refresh the longevity and decrease failure rate when it comes to pushing high-horsepower numbers such as a turbo kit. All rebuilds done by us will have a 12 month or 12,000mi warranty.

Differential Rebuilds
If you're looking to gain a higher top speed or increase your 0 to 60mph time on the track, a gear swap is a great way to improve the output from your engine to the wheels. LSDs (Limited Slip Differentials) are used to assist directly with turns by locking both wheels in under certain/predictable conditions. Allowing for easier donuts/drifts, faster launches, and superb drivability. We offer guidance and products to what you need to achieve your time goals on the track or your handling desires.

LS Swap
If there's a swap kit for your vehicle, we can certainly do it. Today there are various LS swap kits for many vehicles out there, some of them certainly unexpected! As of now, Boost Technology & Fabrication is not currently equipped with the tools to create truly custom LS swaps. Please contact us about your project if you wish to do a swap!

Turbo kits
When you hear Boost Technology & Fabrication, we put boost in the name. Turbo chargers, super chargers, and pro chargers is our specialty as we have over 13+ years of experience with various ways to boost your vehicle. Working with brands such as BrianTooleyRacing, Borg Warner, Deatschwerks, Holley, Melling, and VSRacing.

If you've just bought some shiny parts for your build, you can bring it to us for installation. Allowing you to skip all the pain and headaches from doing it yourself. Bringing us your new parts to install will guarantee proper installation procedures to give you peace of mind of any potential failures.